The Association
Visual descriptions means to increase accessibility to live events, such as plays, films and other art forms, by visualizing the images for people who have low vision

Syntolkning Nu’s purpose is to disseminate information about visual description in order to make it become a national concept.

The Association shall cooperate with other organizations that are willing to promote positive developments for the blind and severely visual impaired children, adolescents and adults.
The association shall work to create more jobs for educated visual description interpreters, enhance their status and promote a better, fair and equitable compensation in relation to the work performed.

The association shall give the visual impaired, on the basis of the idea of equality, the right of social interaction and the opportunity to visit theatres, cinemas and stadiums to see visual descripted events.

Syntolkning NU mainly offers the following services:

  • Awareness of how to make events available for visually impaired;
  • Movies, theatre and other events’ Live visual description;
  • Visual description tracks to movies, TV shows and DVDs;
  • Everyday visual descriptions and extra for guided tours;
  • All administration related to the events;
  • Education of new visual description interpreters (by request);
  • Further training of active visual description interpreters;
  • Seminars on/and presentation of visual descriptions.